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LungTai Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. formerly known as “Jiaxing Wellermini Machienry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” who was founded in 2004, and launched the first original link-pressing vacuum sausage filler and tying machine in next two years that open the prelude to the prosperous production of small diameter sausage.

In 2010, LungTai Food Commercial Co., Ltd. from Hongkong injected USD2.5 million to Wellermini, and built the factory of 7,000 m2 at the Economic Development Zone of Jiaxing in 2011. The new company, LungTai Machinery (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. came into being for manufacturing and promoting different kinds of food processing equipment from pre-treatment to post-processing and accessories, like cutters, grinders, marinaters, sausage filling, tying or forming machines, smokehouses, sausage casing peelers, meat buggies, trolleys, etc.

Up to now, more than 2000 sets of our machines have been put into use by around 500 clients all over the world with the advantages of high efficiency, good quality but reasonable investment. Not only that, our equipment has wide scope of adaptability. For example, our filling machine is also possible for the grade B or short yards casing, which obviously brings the competitive profits for our clients.

No matter that it is the former, Wellermini, or today, LungTai Machinery, we will always be the good friend of meat processing enterprises in the world. With diligently focusing the development of highly automatic machinery and artificial intelligence, the application of our automatic food processing equipment will be globally blooming conceivably.

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